Pure Health Testimonials

" Strong positive experiences with the Pure Health & Vitality team including the results-oriented Dr Cashmore, efficient Alexis, and their faithful therapy dog Teddy! Considerable improvement in reducing pain & increasing flexibility using a wide array of therapies including an overall health analysis, effective adjustments to problem areas, clear & insightful instruction, shoe inserts, and appropriate supplements."

- Michael

"I received the orthotics and wore them for the first time yesterday at work. I can't believe the difference they have made. My shoulder pain was nearly gone (not sure how that is connected, but seems to be), My right knee did not hurt and my heel pain from what I believe is plantar fasciitis was reduced significantly. I hope this keeps up! Thank you!"

- Stuart Meltzer

"I feel 100% better. My issues have been directly addressed. The massages, sauna, adjustments, nutrition plans, and the awesome staff have all been factors in the improvement of my health. This is one of the best health decisions that i have ever made. Male the decision to improve your health by coming to Pure Health & Vitality. Dr. Cashmore is knowledgeable, caring, and awesome."

- Rosalind Johnson

"I feel really really good. I love this place. In fact I refer this place every time I can."

- Luis Gonzalez

"You are amazing. After I left you yesterday we took our grandson to the zoo and walked for three hours and I was fine! Could never have done it without your magic hands. Thank you so much."

- Lois Gould

"I came in suffering from Chrone's disease for 7 years, 40 years of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Eczema for 47 years. Since I've enrolled in care I maintain my every day life with no cramping and running to the bathroom, I have more energy and have not used steroid since. She has been a blessing in my life as I go through stressful times."

- Paula O'Connell, Northbrook IL

"I was bothered by headaches and body aches with no energy and constantly tired. Since coming in, things have changed. I lost weight, I feel great and my headaches and body aches are non-existant. I have also been given the opportunity to change my thinking about myself and with chiropractic care combined with nutritional support, I finally feel in control. Thank You!"

​- Marialice English

"I came to Dr. Cashmore looking for help with an old shoulder injury and unsuccessful rotator cuff surgery from 20 years ago. My injury greatly affected my life, it was a struggle with chronic pain. Dr. Cashmore's care has brought a sense of hope. She has addressed not only the physical aspect of healing but the emotional too. Pure Health and Vitality is such a gift to the community, and I hope more people who are struggling with pain or injuries, receive care from Dr. Cashmore. Thank you!!"

​- Gretchen W.

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